Shampoo-Free Lifestyle, Day 1 and 2: I feel greasy, but it’s okay

Immediately after initiating my Shampoo-Free Lifestyle  I started feeling good, which is the point of all of this!

After I did the Baking Soda + Vinegar cleanse   …I let my hair air dry after lightly brushing it, adding a squirt of that Olive Oil lotion I mentioned in the previous post. I feel now, that I shouldn’t have done that. (Thus why I will further research essential oils) But take it for me, do follow this tip… let your natural hair and scalp do it’s thing, totally refrain from chemical product during this transitional period. (no hair spraying, blow drying, nothing!) — Your poor scalp is recovering.


On this first day my hair felt lighter, less tangly for sure, very silky (the greasy kind of silky that makes me kind of uncomfortable like my hair is extremely thin and dull). It could’ve been worse. I wore it down pretty much all day which is huge for me. It looked fine. I felt no itchiness, there was absolutely no dandruff or flakiness. When I tossed it up it looked and felt good, no biggie.

Day 2 – I feel greasier and wanted to do something about it!

It’s Monday and I had to go to work. (Background: Last time I officially washed my hair with shampoo was Thursday. I had Friday off and did this Noo-Poo Paste on Saturday.) So today it’s been roughly 4 days; I felt pretty greasy. My hair looked very wet, and my hair does have that straw-like feeling I’ve heard much about, just around the roots. There was no dandruff though, I felt no itchiness whatsoever, still. Feelin’ good 🙂 I styled it the best I could today, but tomorrow I’ll try harder and give you an update! The best part about this so far is that I don’t feel dirty or gross… the “greasiness” is just a look – if I can deal with this for a while, I’ve heard it’s worth it. Till next time..


2 thoughts on “Shampoo-Free Lifestyle, Day 1 and 2: I feel greasy, but it’s okay

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