Shampoo-Free, Day 3 [photo update]

Last night I made the decision to wake up and do the cleanse, but I didn’t. I want to let it be …and I hope it pays off. I just threw it in a bun and said go with it! My head feels good. It does feel a little itchy… but still no dryness or flakes!  On a different note, I saw this article about easy up-dos for second day hair. I’ve always found that when I haphazardly throw it up like today it looks its best, but perhaps I will be forced to be more creative in the weeks to come…  See you at the next post!


One thought on “Shampoo-Free, Day 3 [photo update]

  1. I’ll be curious to hear how it all goes for you! It’s been almost 2 years of me being no-poo. Just posted about it 🙂

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