Shampoo-Free Lifestyle: Transition Period – Days 4 – 9 Update

On Tuesday, which would be 3 whole days since I did the Baking Soda + Vinegar cleanse described in this post, and 6 days since my last wash with shampoo… I broke down and repeated the cleanse. By that time I did see a few flakes. I wondered why though. In retrospect, I don’t think I rinsed my hair well enough after the Baking Soda. I made sure to do that this time, in piping hot water.

After this, my hair felt great again… just like after a regular shampoo. The next days following left me feeling a little greasy, but not bad. I pretty much tossed it up from Wednesday to Saturday, at which point I did the cleanse again, exactly 4 days after this second one. I think what will start happening is that I’ll see more and more days go by before I have to cleanse again. (Cross your fingers!)

Below is a photo of how greasy and icky my hair looked yesterday (day 8 since I started this thing). It was so greasy on top and snarly/poofy on bottom from being in a messy bun. I really wanted to do the cleanse but actually never got around to it, so I did it this morning on day 9. The wash was much needed and the vinegar felt nice… it definitely works as the “conditioner.” Afterwards I let it air dry slightly before putting it in two wet braids with some lavender oil for smell. It felt and looked great. (While we’re on that, did you know that braids are good for our hair? My sister used to say that and wore it in braids almost every night. I followed suit, and still do often. It speeds up the drying process and keeps it feeling smooth, you should try it! Less snarls and easy waves 😉

All in all, for those of you following, I have yet to see a major difference with the look and feel of my locks since I began this new shampoo-free lifestyle, but I think the transitional phase is getting easier. Stay tuned!



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