About this Blog | Welcome Change

I’m just a modern girl looking for easier, more natural, more effective and potentially less costly ways to achieve inner and outer beauty. My goal is to feel good and look good, to age healthily, to become a more balanced person, to try new things on a more frequent basis, and through this transform into a better spouse, mom, employee and party-guest. This blog holds my research about trendy, hot new concepts and products out there and my experiences trying them out…

Starting now, I’m focusing my time on achieving some major lifestyle changes. Eventually this list will bear fruit in the form of how-to posts, before and afters, recipes and tips, diary like admissions, lists and photos, stories and experiments… all great knowledge to share with you! I hope we can inspire each other to obtain positive and natural change in our lives – Cheers! 



Some interests I may write about
Fashion  •  Alternative Lifestyles  •  Meditation & Self Love •  Literature  •  Parenthood  •  Hair & Beauty  •  Music & Art  •  Design  •  Food & Drink  •  Fitness  •  Relationships  •  Trending Topics

Thanks for visiting! Drop me a note any time ; )


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