Guest Bloggers!

Meet Angel
I met Angel through a business networking event in 2010, when she blew me away by lunging around the room (at age 40 in some tight yoga pants!) telling us all that we ALWAYS, always have time for fitness. She’s a personal trainer, but I know she hates that term… Angel is a wellness consultant and professional health expert. But I call her my personal trainer because she has worked out with me, invited me to her classes, and has continued to amaze me with all the change she can influence into peoples’ lives. She pushes me like no other, giving the most natural, non-BS, totally human and above all effective ways to take control of my wellness. She will be posting on here to inspire you to make positive change as well! ***When it comes to health Angel believes…. “Real health is a lifelong process of releasing and letting go.”
Meet Amanda
I went to high school with Amanda and I always thought she was the most NATURALLY beautiful person in our hallways. Now days, we are friends from afar, but Facebook has enabled us to stay in contact and sync up on some lifestyle changes since high school. We are both young moms, focused on providing the most nutritious meals possible for our babies. Lately, I’ve been inspired by all of her posts of beautifully home cooked meals, and new trendy ways to drink your health! Amanda currently blogs for _____, and I’m so excited that she’s offered up her ideas to this blog as well! ***When it comes to natural health and beauty Amanda believes in….
Meet Briana
I met Briana in 2009, where we both acquired our first office jobs! We are friends to this day, and I often go to Briana for everything from relationship advice, to fashion and beauty ideas, and especially fitness and health. She’s inspired me with her diehard commitment to vegetarianism – and I’m excited that she will be posting about all the great things that come along with this lifestyle, and how to start thinking VEGGIES! Briana is a writer, a great one at that, and one day we will write a book together! Until then… stay tuned for some insightful posts from her! ***As far as fitness goes, Briana believes in….

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