Shampoo-Free Lifestyle: Transition Period – Days 4 – 9 Update

On Tuesday, which would be 3 whole days since I did the Baking Soda + Vinegar cleanse described in this post, and 6 days since my last wash with shampoo… I broke down and repeated the cleanse. By that time I did see a few flakes. I wondered why though. In retrospect, I don’t think I rinsed my hair well enough after the Baking Soda. I made sure to do that this time, in piping hot water.

After this, my hair felt great again… just like after a regular shampoo. The next days following left me feeling a little greasy, but not bad. I pretty much tossed it up from Wednesday to Saturday, at which point I did the cleanse again, exactly 4 days after this second one. I think what will start happening is that I’ll see more and more days go by before I have to cleanse again. (Cross your fingers!)

Below is a photo of how greasy and icky my hair looked yesterday (day 8 since I started this thing). It was so greasy on top and snarly/poofy on bottom from being in a messy bun. I really wanted to do the cleanse but actually never got around to it, so I did it this morning on day 9. The wash was much needed and the vinegar felt nice… it definitely works as the “conditioner.” Afterwards I let it air dry slightly before putting it in two wet braids with some lavender oil for smell. It felt and looked great. (While we’re on that, did you know that braids are good for our hair? My sister used to say that and wore it in braids almost every night. I followed suit, and still do often. It speeds up the drying process and keeps it feeling smooth, you should try it! Less snarls and easy waves ūüėČ

All in all, for those of you following, I have yet to see a major difference with the look and feel of my locks since I began this new shampoo-free lifestyle, but I think the transitional phase is getting easier. Stay tuned!



Shampoo-Free Lifestyle, Day 1 and 2: I feel greasy, but it’s okay

Immediately after initiating my Shampoo-Free Lifestyle  I started feeling good, which is the point of all of this!

After I did the Baking Soda + Vinegar cleanse ¬† …I let my hair air dry after lightly brushing it, adding a squirt of that Olive Oil lotion I mentioned in the previous post. I feel now, that I shouldn’t have done that. (Thus why I will further research essential oils) But take it for me, do follow this tip‚Ķ let your natural hair and scalp do it’s thing, totally refrain from chemical product during this transitional period. (no hair spraying, blow drying, nothing!) — Your poor scalp is recovering.


On this first day my hair felt lighter, less tangly for sure, very silky (the greasy kind of silky that makes me kind of uncomfortable like my hair is extremely thin and dull). It could’ve been worse. I wore it down pretty much all day which is huge for me. It looked fine. I felt no itchiness, there was absolutely no dandruff or flakiness. When I tossed it up it looked and felt good, no biggie.

Day 2 – I feel greasier and wanted to do something about it!

It’s Monday and I had to go to work. (Background: Last time I officially washed my hair with shampoo was Thursday. I had Friday off and did this Noo-Poo Paste on Saturday.) So today it’s been roughly 4 days; I felt pretty greasy. My hair looked very wet, and my hair does have that straw-like feeling I’ve heard much about, just around the roots. There was no dandruff though, I felt no itchiness whatsoever, still. Feelin’ good ūüôā I styled it the best I could today, but tomorrow I’ll try harder and give you an update! The best part about this so far is that I don’t feel dirty or gross… the “greasiness” is just a look – if I can deal with this for a while, I’ve heard it’s worth it. Till next time..

Bye Bye Shampoo: How To Transform your Locks with Shampoo-Free Hair Care

I’ve become fascinated with this trend, have you heard of it? Some call it the “No Poo Method”‚Ķ I’m calling it the Shampoo-free lifestyle. I look at this as less of a trend but more as one of the best kept secrets in natural beauty.

To give you a little background I’ve never been one to spend much time on my hair. I’ve always had long, thick locks, a head of hair really easy to style… but seriously – I never curl it, rarely spend more than 5 minutes on it, I wear it up every day‚Ķ it’s getting old! So I’m starting to care more for my hair. And this no shampoo concept seems like a great gateway into a new, natural way of hair care.

You can start this process too! And I hope this post will help get you started. Before jumping in read on for more background on the true benefits of skipping over those traditional shampoos..

What shampoo and conditioner actually do

Traditional shampoos are actually detergents, yes DETER-agents. (Doesn’t that tell you right there that they work against you?) These chemicals are supposed strip your hair and scalp of dirt and oil to “wash your hair”. What they actually do is strip the hair shaft and all the wonderful, natural oils (called sebums) that your scalp creates. And the conditioner? That is meant to replace those natural oils in your hair, the ones that your shampoo has just stripped away. Well how does that make sense? All this does is require your scalp to be shampooed/conditioned on the daily. Or you just feel gross right? Dry, itchy, greasy and irritated!

This is not a good cycle for our hair, period. Because of shampoo and conditioner, our scalps overproduce sebum in attempts to replace what is being stripped away from the agent. When it comes down to it our scalps just want to work naturally for us. But they’re suffering! Our scalps are desperately trying to reach balance…

Let’s get our locks back to equilibrium!

Tips before beginning the process…

1).  Plan this process. Try doing it when you know your hair does not need to be flawless like for a Wedding, portrait, job interview, etc. (This whole process takes time)

2). ¬†Clarify your hair before you start —- Since most chemical products contain silicones in them (which are not water soluble) there are many still stuck in your hair, and these are damaging. Get a “Clarifying Shampoo” to use as a final shampoo wash ūüôā (*do this whenever you’d normally wash your hair next)¬†This final step helps ease the transition period. But if you skip it as I did, it may just add a week or two to your transition. I’m cool with it!

3).  Remain open-minded and read into this. It might not work as desired right away, just keep adjusting and trying new things for your hair type, color and thickness. (more articles below that can help with this)

Getting your hair’s natural balance back…. ¬†THE BASICS

Goal? Use Baking Soda and Vinegar as Shampoo and Conditioner replacement once or twice a week or less (as needed) – to gain back your hair’s natural oily balance, giving you BETTER hair in the long run.

Baking Soda = cleaning agent applied to roots and massaged into scalp

Vinegar = conditioning agent applied to length of hair

For oily hair — reduce vinegar + increase baking soda

For dry hair — increase vinegar + decrease baking soda

For long or thick hair¬†— increase ratio of soda to water

For short or fine hair¬†— decrease ratio of soda to water

Main tip? Be patient and just try for *balance – try different ratios of product and/or different variations of the product to get better results


Keep in mind

This whole Baking Soda and Vinegar thing is working to bring your hair to its natural equilibrium. Some do this about once or twice a week, but some get to the point where all they need to do is rinse their hair in hot water for their “wash.” It’s really quite intriguing! ****REMEMBER**** you really want your scalp to produce its natural oils, so try hard to refrain from using any additional products (besides essential oils). It’s hard! You might want to stick to hats, head bands, and an up-do for a while… but it’s so worth it! Once the transition phase is over – product can still be your friend. But I’d still recommend the most natural products you can find.¬†

Stay Tuned!

Today marks day one for me. I will be posting more pictures and comments as I continue this transition into a Shampoo Free lifestyle! [Here’s Day 1 – 2]

Other great blog posts I’ve referenced on the subject:

Simple Mom’s post¬†How to Wash your Hair Without Shampoo¬†and her awesome 2 year later update!¬†

Leah of Code Red Hat posted a more detailed article about the No Poo Method > Never Shampoo Again!