Update on My Shampoo Free Lifestyle – Day 25 “Patience Pays off”

Okay so it’s almost been a month since getting completely off shampoo and conditioner. I tell ya, it gets gross. I almost gave up a few days ago. Yep, Sunday night I decided I’m showering and shampooing my head that feels icky more than it feels good. I didn’t want to feel greasy at work Monday. I told my boyfriend I’m giving up on it he looks at me surprised “Why?” Usually I get no kind of reaction, I mean I didn’t think he was listening to me when I yab about this stuff. So I realized that this was something I talked about trying for a while, and I shared my story with everyone. I realized (as I’ve been ((shamelessly admitting)) only crawling into what is supposed to be a big intense, blog worthy weight loss story) that like getting my health in check, this no shampoo thing is going to just take time. ***sigh

It just takes time. Patience. Work. I’m in it for a better view on life, I’m it it for a healthier life… I’ll do the work. Everyone tells me patience pays off. Okay, I accept. Dang though, I wish I hadn’t lost 60 pounds during soccer Freshman year… like nothing… then maybe I’d know patience.

I can do it! It will pay off.


I fell asleep without showering Sunday, and even after inching out of bed thinking YES I’m going to shampoo my hair today ahhhh… I remembered this insight about patience and commitment, and I sucked it up. I did the baking soda | vinegar thing and called it a morning.

So… since starting this 25-26 days ago… I have done this cleanse I think 6-7 times maybe 8.. But this time, I actually used the vinegar again. Long story short, I’m not a huge fan of my hair feeling soft or silky. I do not, did not condition my hair with every shampoo. So after the first 2 times of doing this, I unsurprisingly starting skipping the vinegar too. Maybe this was a mistake because Monday night was awesome!! After a day of being in a loose braid, naturally air drying… my hair felt so SOOO much longer. (And I am notorious for thinking my hair never grows). Just touching it made me think it had to be like 2 inches longer. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just looking for validation, but I don’t care… things are paying off, I just need to be patient.


Wow. Eager to see what will come of this? I’m excited. During those few weeks of uncertainty I kept thinking that if I gave up it’s because this may not be right for me. Maybe my hair was already thick and shiny and long enough that this wouldn’t do as much for me as it would for a thin, short haired person or someone with unmanageable or sensitive hair. Nahhhh! This is going to do something good for me, and I’m feeling really good about it now!


Shampoo-Free Lifestyle: Transition Period – Days 4 – 9 Update

On Tuesday, which would be 3 whole days since I did the Baking Soda + Vinegar cleanse described in this post, and 6 days since my last wash with shampoo… I broke down and repeated the cleanse. By that time I did see a few flakes. I wondered why though. In retrospect, I don’t think I rinsed my hair well enough after the Baking Soda. I made sure to do that this time, in piping hot water.

After this, my hair felt great again… just like after a regular shampoo. The next days following left me feeling a little greasy, but not bad. I pretty much tossed it up from Wednesday to Saturday, at which point I did the cleanse again, exactly 4 days after this second one. I think what will start happening is that I’ll see more and more days go by before I have to cleanse again. (Cross your fingers!)

Below is a photo of how greasy and icky my hair looked yesterday (day 8 since I started this thing). It was so greasy on top and snarly/poofy on bottom from being in a messy bun. I really wanted to do the cleanse but actually never got around to it, so I did it this morning on day 9. The wash was much needed and the vinegar felt nice… it definitely works as the “conditioner.” Afterwards I let it air dry slightly before putting it in two wet braids with some lavender oil for smell. It felt and looked great. (While we’re on that, did you know that braids are good for our hair? My sister used to say that and wore it in braids almost every night. I followed suit, and still do often. It speeds up the drying process and keeps it feeling smooth, you should try it! Less snarls and easy waves 😉

All in all, for those of you following, I have yet to see a major difference with the look and feel of my locks since I began this new shampoo-free lifestyle, but I think the transitional phase is getting easier. Stay tuned!